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In the Beginning Collection: Heron Recalling Stories From Her Ancestry

In the Beginning Collection: Heron Recalling Stories From Her Ancestry

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First, the water of the Nile turned blood red. It became undrinkable for humans, and also impacted all organisms living in and around the water. Then came the frogs. Fleeing the contaminated water, they moved onto land and became a pest to Egyptian society. Frogs are considered an ‘indicator species’, as they are among the first animals to be impacted by environmental changes in their habitat. These plagues were a nuisance, but the Egyptians adapted and moved on.

Then came the lice, followed by swarms of flies. Wild animals ran rampant. A fatal pestilence killed most of the domestic animals. Egyptians became infected with painful boils. Hail destroyed the crops in the fields and shattered every tree. As the hail melted, locusts covered the land, swallowing up remaining crops and all of the fruits. A thick darkness clouded Egypt. Yet, still the Egyptians kept their heads down and carried on.

As death begins to walk the streets, the wise men of ancient Egypt will plead with Pharaoh to heed to the signs. “Our lifestyle is unsustainable”, they will tell him, “let the people go”. By the time Pharoah listens, it will already be too late for his own child.

Photographed January, 2023

Great Blue Heron


Printed on Hahnemühle bamboo-fibre papers

90% Bamboo, 10% Cotton

Paper density: 290 gsm

Paper color: Natural

Giclée printing


Print dimensions are provided in inches. Depending on the image, options include:

8" x 10"

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