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Salvia Collection: The Sage

Salvia Collection: The Sage

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Among the many philosophers who came to Alexander the Great bearing wisdom and praise, Diogenes of Sinope was notably absent. And so, Alexander gathered his followers and went to visit Diogenes at his home.

He found Diogenes reclining in the sun. To show his greatness, Alexander offered to fulfill a wish for him: “Friend, as you have not come to my residence, I have come to yours,” he proclaimed. “And, as a token of my benevolence, I would like to fulfill a wish of your choosing. Tell me what it is that you most desire, and I will make it right.”

“You are blocking my sun,” Diogenes responded, “I very much wish you’d step out of my light.”

Alexander grinned, and would later remark: “Truly, if I were not Alexander, I wish I were Diogenes."

Photographed August, 2023


Printed on Hahnemühle bamboo-fibre papers

90% Bamboo, 10% Cotton

Paper density: 290 gsm

Paper color: Natural

Giclée printing


Print dimensions are provided in inches. Depending on the image, options include:

8" x 10"

10" x 10"

12" x 12"

16" x 16"

16" x 20"

20" x 20"

24" x 24"

20" x 30"

30" x 30"

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